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10 Things Futuristic Movies Shockingly Got Right

BackToTheFuture Glasses 10 Sci Fi Movies That Predicted The Future

For more than 80 years Hollywood films have been attempting to predict the future. Indeed, since 1929 movies have predicted such eventually technology as multi-stage rockets.

In more modern times Tom Cruise brought us touchscreens and personalized advertising and The Jetsons Movie promised us robotic vacuums.

While many far fetched futuristic ideas, like the mini pizza that turns into a full-sized family meal in Back to the Future, may never come to fruition, many predictions are right on point.

Here are 10 futuristic pieces of tech we now have available to us and which first appeared in movies.

#10 Minority Report (2002)


What It Got Right: Touchscreens & Personalized Advertising

These days touchscreen computers and personalized advertising are all around us. In 2002 we didn’t have widespread use of this tech. By far the most iconic image in Minority Report was Tom Cruise using his hands to float around through various computer screenshots. We’re still waiting on those holographic screens he used, but it was still a great prediction.

The movie also spoke to the future of personalized advertising which changed as different people walked by it. Tests have actually proven with decent accuracy that the demographics of a person can be determined as they walk by displayed. Plus we have hyper-targeted ads these days on Facebook and from other third-party ad networks.

Top 10 Weirdest World Records of All Time

The Guinness Book of World Records holds a lot of documentation about the world’s fastest people, the world’s tallest buildings, and the world’s fastest animals. Those are all amazing records but they are rather bland to some of the publications other records.

How about the most slugs on a human face? And what about the most milkshake dispensed through a human nose? It’s these type of weird world records that we all love to hear about.

Yeah some of them are really gross, but they also showcase some really crazy skills and interests people have discovered.

Here are 10 of the weirdest world records of all time.

Largest gathering of people dressed as penguins



We’re not really sure why 373 people in London, UK would agree to dress like penguins, but that’s exactly what they did in November 2013. The group of people gathered by City Hall to celebrate their world record. Perhaps their victory lap was the 2km “waddle” they then completed around the Tower Bridge.

22 Most Haunting Abandoned Places On The Planet


If humans left Earth and didn’t return for many years the landscape of the planet will have drastically changed upon returning.

It doesn’t take very long for mother nature to creep back into man-made structures, destroying and hiding them at the same time.

These 22 haunting places were long ago abandoned. While they are all eery in their own way, there is also something beautiful in their haunting remains.  

From Nazi hospitals and abandoned coal mining towns to amusement parks that looks like something out of a zombie apocalypse film, these 22 locations are haunting yet oddly inviting.

Pripyat, Ukraine

980xBarry Mangham/Pixog

After the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown the city of Pripyat became a ghost town overnight. 50,000 residents were ordered by the government to leave their homes and flee to a safer non-radiation flooded area.  

High radiation levels have forced the town to remain abandoned since 1986.

The area, which will be abandoned for thousands of more years, is the perfect example of what a post-apocalyptic world could end up looking like.