10 Unbelievable Facts About Being President

One of the most powerful and closely watched jobs in the world is that of President of the United States, or POTUS. It’s not just Americans who follow the US Presidency, much of world is very familiar with each and every president that is elected to office.

Less well known are some the facets of the presidency such as the requirements and the history of the position.

Most jobs these days require special qualifications, but the list of requirements to be president is actually not that long — it might even surprise you.

Check out our list of ten unbelievable facts about being the president – #7 and #9 are sure to surprise you!

There’s Not Many Qualifications To Be President


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Turns out the President doesn’t really have to be that all that special! The three requirements for presidential candidates are:

  • You must be 35 years of age.
  • You must be a natural born citizen or parented by two naturally born parents if you were born outside the US.
  • You must have lived in the US for 14 years, but it’s not required that they be consecutive years.

Getting a job almost anywhere has a longer list of requirements than that!  


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