10 Things Futuristic Movies Shockingly Got Right

For more than 80 years Hollywood films have been attempting to predict the future. Indeed, since 1929 movies have predicted such eventually technology as multi-stage rockets.

In more modern times Tom Cruise brought us touchscreens and personalized advertising and The Jetsons Movie promised us robotic vacuums.

While many far fetched futuristic ideas, like the mini pizza that turns into a full-sized family meal in Back to the Future, may never come to fruition, many predictions are right on point.

Here are 10 futuristic pieces of tech we now have available to us and which first appeared in movies.

#10 Minority Report (2002)


What It Got Right: Touchscreens & Personalized Advertising

These days touchscreen computers and personalized advertising are all around us. In 2002 we didn’t have widespread use of this tech. By far the most iconic image in Minority Report was Tom Cruise using his hands to float around through various computer screenshots. We’re still waiting on those holographic screens he used, but it was still a great prediction.

The movie also spoke to the future of personalized advertising which changed as different people walked by it. Tests have actually proven with decent accuracy that the demographics of a person can be determined as they walk by displayed. Plus we have hyper-targeted ads these days on Facebook and from other third-party ad networks.


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